Adopt a Donkey

Virtual adoption of a Donkey

Virtual adoption is a very common thing today.
In England, for example, people virtually adopt donkeys for their friends and families, as a gift 馃檪

Virtual adoption means adopting one of our amazing donkeys while they are staying in our shelter, where we continue to take care of them.

We will聽regularly聽let you know about their status and keep you updated.

You can of course visit them and take care of them here at the shelter whenever you want!

Adopt your own donkey for 45$ a year!

At the moment, we have 10 donkeys available for adoption.

You are invited to read their life story and decide which one you would like to adopt!

Donkeys available for a virtual adoption


Anna was born on July 30, 2019, She is a beautiful, healthy and happy baby girl. She is the daughter of Gali ,whom we saved when she was already pregnant. By adopting Anna you will provide her with support and assistance to a better life.


One of our earliest rescues.  Came to us on 15th March 2001.  The Jerusalem Municipality Animal Department took him in after he was reportedly used in a violent political demonstration in Jericho where he was marched through the streets and had his ears and tail brutally chopped off.  He was understandably very nervous of people when he came to us and had to be groomed with a broom because the staff couldn鈥檛 get any nearer.  Now he is one of our friendliest donkeys.


Came to us on 2 October 2013 as a 4 week old foal.  He had been abandoned on the streets of Qalqilya and was still calling for his mother when he arrived at the sanctuary.  He was so young he had to be bottle fed.


Came to us on 31st January 2017 from a village near Hadera.  He and 3 other donkeys had been hobbled with rope and abandoned.


Came to us on 5 October 2018 with her son Yalon.  Both had been wandering the streets.  Our vet soon realised that Gali was pregnant, possibly by her son.  Her foal is due in about August.


Came to us in May 2010 from a small community near Hadera where she was beaten ridden and beaten by a gang of small boys.  A local farmer rescued the donkey from them and called us to take her in.  Ann is named after Safe Haven鈥檚 patron Ann Widdecombe.


Came to us in November 2015 and is now about 16 years old.  He was a stray and was making a nuisance of himself with a farmer鈥檚 female donkeys.  Nick has been very ill recently and we thought at one point we were going to lose him but he has made a miraculous recovery.


Was born in September 2009 at one of Safe Haven鈥檚 free veterinary clinics in the town of Al Razaz.  The owner had brought Russell鈥檚 mother to the clinic and she literally gave birth then and there.  Safe Haven trustee George Russell was visiting the clinic at the time with his wife and they saw the birth happen so Russell was named after them.  Later Russell鈥檚 owner decided he didn鈥檛 want the foal as he 鈥渟topped the mother from working鈥 and so Russell came into Safe Haven鈥檚 care.


Came to us on 24 April 2017 and was about 18 months old at the time.  He was found by the side of a busy highway standing over the body of his mother who had been hit by a car.


Came to us in March 2010 from the nearby village of Be鈥檈rotayim.  His owner had simply moved abroad and left Brian to fend for himself.

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